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Darklings is a very unique endless adventure, developed by MildMania, now available on the appstore for iphone, ipad and ipod.

In Darklings, you fight through magical worlds where there is a battle between light and dark. Your avatar, “Lum”, which is a face of light, tries to save the world by purging the darklings and retrieve the stars. Be ready to experience some unique gesture driven gameplay in this endless survival adventure. Join Lum to purge the Darklings, fight in the Dark Forest, Caverns and Floating Islands. Save the stars, save the world. Darkness is coming!.

The first thing you notice when you launch Darklings is the beautiful and unique style of the design. All black and white, with some very nice light effects. The original artwork is surely one of the strong points of Darklings. Do not look for shooting buttons to kill your enemies or for a pad controller on the screen, there are no such things in Darklings. Your unique weapon is… your finger ! In order to purge the darklings you need to draw on the screen the symbol represented on each creature, before they can catch you. If Lum is touched by one of these creatures, he dies. There are 40 of them, the crawlers, the masked, the winged and the minions.

The concept of Darklings is easy to learn, but less easy to master. Darklings can be really challenging at some times. You need to be fast as many creatures are coming at the same time, while you also trying to draw a path on the stars in order to collect them. Fortunately, you also get some special bonuses and boosters to help Lum, the shield is one of the very useful ones. You also get to fight some big bosses, and you can customize you characher with various lovely costumes.

The gameplay is so original and the atmosphere so unique that Darklings becomes very quickly addictive. The variety of the creatures, the unique atmosphere, the magical soundtracks, and the original game concept really contribute to make Daklings a one of a kind gaming experience.


* Unique Gesture Driven Gameplay – Addictive, fun and natural gameplay like you never seen before, – Draw the shapes on creatures to possess and kill them. – No D-Pads, additional controls, just you and your fingers on the stage.

* Addictive, endless survival with various environments, settings – Battle in the Dark Forest, Caverns and Floating Islands, more incoming… – Never ending survival with a huge content, lots of different game sets.

* Sweet artwork – Featured on top notch visual design websites, – Noire artistic style, a delicate taste to your eyes.

* Lovely customisations, – Customise your main character, Lum, over 10 customisations, – Be a Monk or a Crow, – Wizard or a Wrestler, – Choose what you like and purge the darkness.

* Over 40 creatures, 3 families and counting, – Crawlers of the Dark Forest, – Hollows of the Caverns, – Furies of the Floating Islands – 3 difference families with whole different styles. – Impressive Boss Fights, – Epic Bossfights with different tactical strategy for each boss

* Breathtaking soundtracks, – You never heard something like this unless you go to the Batman movie!!

* Challenging Objectives, Game Center Achievements – Lots of objectives to reach higher scores. – Challenging achievements for unyielding players.

* Supports iCloud – Your progress will be automatically saved, you can restore from iCloud in any device any time!..

* Beat your friends – HighScore based, endless adventures

* Sweet Chilli Sauce. – An awesome sauce to complete the tasty Darklings recipe!..

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