Candymeleon gameplay

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CandyMeleon is a fun action game published by Bulkypix.

The Candymeleon is a new specie of chameleon that likes to eat candies. After blowing up the candy factory, a huge amount of candies are now thrown in the sky and the Candymeleon is more than ready to use his extensible tongue to grab and swallow them. But Candymeleon has to catch the candies before they fall on the ground. Also the Candymeleon has to beware as not all candies are good to devour. Some of them are poisonous. If the Candymeleon eat one of them inadvertently, he will lose one life (the candymeleon has 3 lives). Different types of candies also will give the Candymeleon some superpowers. For example, eating a Pepper Candy will bring a huge amount of candies in a short period of time. There are 9 species of Candymeleon for you to choose from. PiranMeleon, GoldMeleon or even NinjaMeleon !

The graphics of Candymeleon are nice, and the character cute and appealing. The controls are super simple and you are learning how to play in just a few seconds. Just tilt your device left or right to move the Candymeleon, and tap anywhere to deploy his elastic tongue. Facebook has also been integrated so you can compete with your friends.

Candymeleon is a very fun game and the gameplay is good enough to keep you playing for quite a while.

iOS free version :… ipad HD version :… Bulkypix website :

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